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Cake & Love

Cake & Love

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When a friend tells you:" I would like you to bake for us the wedding cake" you feel different emotions.
The first emotion is expressed in: “ohh it's a great pleasure!” The second one is expressed in "OMG! IT'S A BIG RESPONSIBILITY... I'M Scared! I can never do it".

At the end you say: "wow, thank you very much for the appreciation, I look forward to bake the cake of your dream!"

And then you understand which kind of cake can be made to be the perfect one for them. Yes, me and Iola looked each other in the eyes and together we said: Naked Cake!


From that moment, you think how to realize this cake, every day. That cake becomes the daily focus.
Yes, because I don't know if you ever experienced this same situation but for me it was a very exciting and at the same time crazy anxious! blush

When the day arrived, the cake was ready, but the emotion was stronger than before, not only about the delivery laugh but because a friend's wedding is always a good time to think about the miracle of love.

Iolanda and Mina are in fact the greatest example of true love between a man and a woman beyond the country of origin, the culture and experiences.

She has red hair, he has dark hair, she has light skin, he is like a good cappuccino, she is Sicilian, he is Egyptian.

In short, when I was a researcher in transcultural psychology, I read all the studies on the hypothesis of contact to favor the encounter between different cultures, but now I look at Iolanda and Mina and I think that beyond the many hypotheses and scientific research what allows the comparison between two different culture is simply love.

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