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Who will be the king of the carnival?

Who will be the king of the carnival?

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When my grandparents were alive, Sunday lunch was a party, there were all my uncles, cousins, and my grandmother was cooking since the day before, never tired to prepare it for us. I remember her always very happy.

My aunt Enna, continued Granny’s tradition, and as her mother did, she often on Sunday prepared macaroni with the hole. I learned how to make macaroni with my aunt, she used to invite me to her house to make fresh pasta and I was always very enthusiastic to go. My aunt was very nice, full of life, she loved joking with all of us, and she was laughing and made me laugh.  Aunt has participated in many but never enough moments of my life, I even started walking with her. Every day I think of her, and when I prepare the macaroni I still feel very close to her.

The Macaroni are great home made pasta from my childhood. It was customary, especially on holidays “fat” of the carnival, eating this kind of fresh pasta made at home.

The ingredients are: 500 grams of hard wheat flour, 200 ml of warm water, and a pinch of salt. Yes, the Macaroni are cheep and healthy.

On a kitchen cutting board knead the flour with water and salt. 

Break off about 50 grams of dough and roll it into thin roll like a thin and long sausage.
Cut this thin roll into 2 cm long bits.


In ancient times in Sicily, to make the hole in the macaroni, they used a knitting needle or an umbrella rod on which the dough was rolled up. Nowadays I suggest to use a skewer, placing it on top of the dough and lightly press it into the dough until the skewer is half way in. With your fingers pinch the dough up so it holds the skewer, rolling it around. With the palm of your hand start rolling back and forth and the macaroni will start to form. The rolling needs to be done with the flat part of your fingers: with each roll move your hands forward and this will help lengthen the macaroni.
This is the tricky part. It can take some practice and trials and errors!

Remove the macaroni and place on a floured surface.   

The end result is delicious, just wait a few hours before cooking them in boiling water and, when ready, season the dish with a good sauce.

For the Carnival, my aunty used to make only one macarone much longer than the others, who was finding that longer one in the dish, was celebrated as the King of the Carnival! Not everyone loved to be in the center of the attention as the King of the Carnival!
Even me, I have been King of the Carnival once!!!

Do you want to try this recipe?
Let me know who will be the King of the Carnival!

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