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Passions and Interests

Passions and Interests

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In psychology we define “interest” as a subjective attitude motivating a person to perform a certain task. It gives pleasure and satisfaction.

How Does Interest Develop?

Interest develops as a function between the person and the situation. It is the interaction between the person and the object that determines the extent of the interest development.

Thus, personal characteristics and social contexts contribute to the experience of interest when engaging in an activity.

Three keys factors contribute to the development of interest, which are: knowledge, positive emotion, and personal value. As individuals learn more about a topic, they become more skilled and knowledgeable.

So, if I think how my interest for baking and for pastry was born, I recall when I was a child in the morning on the 2nd November.

The evening before my grandparents were telling me to go to sleep and not wake up to avoid seeing the dead. In the meantime they were preparing for me sweets, seeds, basic ingredients that I was finding in the morning of the day after.

The legend says, the dead come at night, in silence, they bring gifts that they leave just for children on the table.

So I was spending the following whole day mixing all those ingredients, preparing dishes for my fantastic grandparents and they were happy to make me believe that my dishes were delicious.

I was really a little girl so I could not really create a tasty dish, but many messes.

However, I do remember how much I enjoyed it!

And I really believe that those first experiences were the first seeds, that now has became my strong interest in baking and cooking.


What changed today?

That if there were still here, my grandparents would be happier to taste my desserts and my cakes!

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